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1902 Braeburn Drive
Salem, VA 24153
Mailing Address
1902 Braeburn Dr
Salem, VA 24153
phone: 540-444-2925
Monday - Friday8 AM - 5 PM
Museum Type(s)
Ms. Judith F. Hagadorn, President
phone: 540-444-2925 x204


Display of medical artifacts from civil war period until 1950's. Equipment, instruments with some photos. Plans for expansion displaying items currently in storage, traveling exhibits and greater involvement with schools.


Part of original mission of Lewis-Gale Foundation 1964. Over 700 items. Warren L. Moorman, M.D. originator of museum and still on the board of directors. A number of items from former Lewis-Gale physicians starting in 1906. Viewed by interested patients, public school students and students in medical fields as well as the general public.

Artifacts Collections

medical equipment and instruments
Civil War to 1950's. Mainly from
physician practices and hospitals
mid Atlantic states.

Research Collections

All of historical nature

Educational Programs

This is a minor aspect of organization. No current programs outside of exhibits.


Wheelchair Accessible