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3540 James Madison Parkway
Dahlgren, VA 22485
Mailing Address
3540 James Madison Pkwy
Dahlgren, VA 22485
Sunday, Wednesday - Saturday10 AM - 5 PM
Tom Gouldthorpe, Museum Attendant
phone: 540-663-3680


From Our President

You've heard about the guns and the computers. They're a big part of the Dahlgren story. But there's so much more to how this Navy base has impacted the community, the nation and the world. That's what you will soon find in the Dahlgren Heritage Museum.

We need a bigger megaphone to tell the Dahlgren story. In essence, that will be the mission of the Dahlgren Heritage Foundation in operating this museum. Working with the military commands at Dahlgren and the Navy History and Heritage Command, the Foundation will share the stories that have made Dahlgren a crown jewel of national defense.

As a Dahlgren native who spent his first 18 years on the base, I am delighted to be working with the other members of the Foundation Board of Directors to make the dream of a Dahlgren Museum come true. You can help by donating to the cause and by volunteering to help. Please don't hesitate to contact me with questions and suggestions. With your support, the Dahlgren Heritage Museum will become an archival and educational center that will help ensure that the community and the nation understand the story of Dahlgren. Ed Jones, President, Dahlgren Heritage Foundation

Dahlgren Model

The Dahlgren Heritage Museum is proud to be a model for future military museums, which will depend more than ever on strong community support. Under this model, it is the responsibility of the private foundation to raise the funds to open and operate the museum. Though by law no direct financial support can come from the Navy nor can the Navy endorse the museum's own fundraising efforts, nor are we an official U.S. Navy museum, we are proud of our strong working relationships with the military commands at Dahlgren and with the Naval History and Heritage Command in Washington.


To generate a public understanding of the impact the community and U.S. Navy base at Dahlgren, Virginia, have had in using science and technology to strengthen national defense, particularly through support for war fighters.