Street Address
Richmond, VA 23221
Mailing Address
P.O. Box 7311
Richmond, VA 23221
phone: 804-358-4901
fax: 804-355-2399
Museum Type(s)
Canan Boomer, Executive Assistant to the President


The Virginia Historical Society was founded in 1831. Like most of the nation's older historical societies, it has always been a private organization; one that derives virtually all its support from membership and endowment. At the organizational meeting in 1831, Chief Justice John Marshall was elected its first president, and former president James Madison was elected its first honorary member.

The neoclassical structure that houses the library and headquarters of the Virginia Historical Society was built in five stages over a period of years from 1912 to 2006. The first part, completed in 1913, was built by the Confederate Memorial Association as a shrine to the Confederate dead and as a repository for the records of the Lost Cause. In 1946, the Confederate Memorial Association merged with the Virginia Historical Society