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Joanne Honeycutt, President
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Museum of agricultural and rural life of Pitt County and Eastern North Carolina. A new life for the East Carolina Village of Yesteryear is hardly 12 months away. By summer 2009, the Village and its 18 structures will be at the new site on County Home Road in Pitt County, North Carolina.
Thanks to the County Commissioners and volunteers, Pitt County citizens and people from all over the United States can experience a new museum and community venue.


The mission of the East Carolina Village of Yesteryear is to preserve and interpret architectural and agricultural life in Pitt County and eastern North Carolina from 1840 to 1940. The Village engages and inspires people of all ages to nurture deep and long-lasting connections to another time in the history of Pitt County. Through its historic buildings, its thousands of farm artifacts, and its integrated programs, the Village is committed to being a vital partner in the educational and cultural life of residents in not only Pitt County but the State of North Carolina.


The East Carolina Village of Yesteryear opened at the Pitt County American Legion fairground in 1979. It was a large collection of farm artifacts, some original buildings, and some newly built museum structures for housing the collections. Connor Eagles and Les Turnage created the Village by convincing farmers to donate their vintage artifacts and old farm structures and by securing money to move and place them. Both were active in the American Leagion, each having been commander of the local post, and believed that the citizens of Pitt County would enjoy and appreciate having thesereminders of their agricultural past on display.