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Free. Donations Accepted.
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Discover North Carolina's only museum dedicated to the study of global cultures. The Museum's permanent exhibits display objects from as far away as Africa, Oceania, and Latin America, and as nearby as North Carolina's Yadkin River Valley.


The Museum of Anthropology at Wake Forest University creates awareness of global cultures by collecting, protecting, managing, and exhibiting archaeological artifacts, ethnographic objects, and visual arts of past and present peoples, and providing opportunities for intercultural learning.


The faculty of the Wake Forest University Department of Anthropology established the Museum of Man in 1963 to broaden the learning opportunities available to their students. The Museum was renamed the Museum of Anthropology (MOA) when it moved to its present location on campus in 1986. Since its inception, the Museum’s educational role has expanded beyond campus boundaries into the greater Piedmont Triad community.

Permanent Exhibitions

How Do They Know? The Science of Archaeology in the Yadkin River Valley

This permanent exhibit uses Native American artifacts from North Carolina’s Yadkin River Valley to explore the methods that archaeologists use to discover information about past civilizations. The exhibit features information about Native American cultures in the area, including details on stone tool technology, trade routes, and Native languages.

African Religion: Nothing Was or Will Be Except God

This permanent exhibit examines several areas basic to traditional African religious systems including creation, spiritual places, life transitions, death and ancestors, and social and political life. The exhibit also uses modern artifacts to demonstrate the effects of globalization on traditional religions. Objects from across the continent illustrate these themes.

Art of Sky, Art of Earth: Maya Cosmic Imagery

This permanent exhibit examines the images and symbols on ancient Maya pottery and what they reveal about Maya culture and religion. A free catalogue is available featuring the complete exhibit text in English and Spanish

Artifacts Collections

The Museum’s permanent collection consists of more than 28,000 archaeological and ethnographic artifacts from the Americas, Africa, Asia, and Oceania. The collection includes household and ceremonial items, textiles, ceramics, hunting and fishing gear, and objects of personal adornment. The artifacts span the globe and the centuries.


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