Street Address
4265 Atlantic Ave
Wall, NJ 07727
Mailing Address
P.O. Box 220
Farmingdale, NJ 07727
phone: 732-938-3500
Non event weekends are 3$ adult, 2$ children and seniors.


Founding by steamship engineer James P. Allaire, our fully interactive early 19th century village is truly a travel back in time...into NJ's early history. Located in the beautiful depths of Allaire State Park in Wall Township, the trees will part and our village with it's hardworking villagers will come alive before your eyes. Whether it's touring our historical buildings, or helping a young lady cider press near the gardens...there is always something new to discover at the village. Meet our villagers and learn about their lives in 1836. Help them prepare traditional hearth cooked meals or simply marvel at their unusual speech. Visit our various craftsmen and hear their story of journey throughout the Great Garden State and how they fell upon their craft at this 1836 bog iron industry town. Take a tour of our blast furnace and hear the tales of hard work in maritime history. Visit the largest general store in NJ during this period and talk with our local bakers! Meet our children on the village green and play early 19th century games...or simply sit back and enjoy music from our local village musicians. You're sure to receive a warm cup of cider or some good conversation as our villagers transport you back in time.

Artifacts Collections

American Heritage Quilt Collections, household items, tradesmen's tools, historical clothing, children's toys...everything and anything pertaining to daily living in the early 19th century

Research Collections

Our library is located in the Visitor's Center Museum and available to patrons by appointment.


In addition to our several books currently in print, Allaire Village, Inc also provides it's members and volunteers with a bi-monthly newsletter on the happenings of the village.