Street Address
133 Spring Street
Newton, NJ 07860
Mailing Address
133 Spring Street
Newton, NJ 07860
phone: 973-383-0027
fax: 973-383-6603
Tuesday - Friday9 AM - 3 PM
Saturday12 PM - 4 PM
Free to the Public
Museum Type(s)
Evelyn Dalrymple, Office Manager
phone: 973-383-0027
Mary Jo Mathias, Executive Director
Agatha Wyman, Graphic Design/PR
Chriss Murphy, Arts Coordinator


We are a non-profit organization that promotes and fosters the arts in Sussex County, New Jersey. Our biggest mission is to supply state granted funds to music, performing arts and public assistant groups. Most of the programs these groups are based around art and music. We hold many fundraisers and events a year to support ourselves and our regrant groups. One of our great honors is having our own galley space for members who are local artists. We have monthly art exhibits and opening receptions open to the public. There are many benifits of being a member, please check out our website for upcoming events.


The mission of the Sussex County Arts and Heritage Council is to foster, promote and maintain the artistic and cultural vitality of Sussex County.


The Sussex County Arts & Heritage Council was founded 40 years ago by local freeholders to bring music, art, theater, and a sense of history to all members of the Sussex County community.


We publish a quartely newsletter called the, "Legacy". It features a regrant spotlight, current and upcoming events. We also distribute an e-letter every month through email, this keeps our members up to date with things that may up in between the printing of our "Legacy".

  • The Legacy