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18663 Carter Street at Bay Avenue
Tuolumne, CA 95379
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P.O. Box 1174
Tuolumne, CA 95379
phone: 209-928-3515
Saturday & Sunday 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Admission and parking free.
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Joseph Celentano, Director of Historical Research
phone: 209-928-3516


The Tuolumne City Memorial Museum (TCMM) has accepted a major commitment to interpret the history of Tuolumne Township and give that history meaning to our visitors. We want to encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to become involved in the study of the Tuolumne Township past and to feel pride in the accomplishments of the early men and women pioneers who settled here.

Tuolumne is pronounced "Too-ALL-um-ee". It is a corruption of the Miwok language word "Talmalamne", which signifies a cluster of either stone or bark-covered wigwams (living quarters).


In February of 1948, after two very historically minded women, Patsy McMahon and Marie Rozier, had collected pictures and artifacts of Tuolumne Township, they located and opened the first Tuolumne Museum. By 1950 a larger building was necessary. Thus, they sought help of the Tuolumne City Progressive Association and they agreed to sponser the Tuolumne City Memorial Museum. A log cabin was built and opened on February 28, 1951. A new organization was formed in 1976 called the "Tuolumne City Memorial Museum" and in 1978 it was incorporated. Finally, in May of 1981 the Tuolumne Women's Improvement Club gift-deeded their property to the museum. By Christmas of 1984 with two wings added, a celebration was held for the museum. Thus, the dreams of Patsy McMahon and Marie Rozier had come true.

Artifacts Collections

archives, basketry, ethnic & tribal art, historic site, history, photography, logging history, railroad exhibit

  • TCMM pioneer family photos and family memorabilia from the 1849 Southern Belt of the Mother Lode gold-rush era.

Research Collections

TCMM photographs and historical artifacts from early 1850 gold mining. Preservation of artifacts from the West Side Lumber Company, 1899 to 1963.

Educational Programs

exhibitions, film series, community heritage projects, lectures, research, guided tours, outreach to schools, fundraising

  • The TCMM has a docent program, historical exhibits, gallery tours, program lectures, educational tours and local history programs for school children.


Access: General Public, Students, Scholars, Members

Appointment required: Yes


The TCMM has a monthly newsletter for members.


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