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Founded in 1962, the Kettering Moraine Museum and Historical Society was dedicated to the organization, collection and preservation of historical artifacts and memorabilia from the Kettering and Moraine areas. In addition to the artifacts, historic buildings have been donated and moved to the Museum site over the years. Originally the museum was managed by a dedicated director and an active group of volunteers and was open to the public on a regular schedule. Due to health issues of the director and declining Society membership, the Museum Society was disbanded in 2008. Realizing the value of these historic objects and structures, representatives from the City of Kettering, the city of Moraine and Dayton History began discussions on how best to preserve these treasures and encourage public viewing, education and appreciation. The end result of these meetings was that Dayton History would acccept the assets of the Kettering Moraine Museum for display, caretaking and/or appropriate storage at their Carillon Park site.

The following buildings will move to the Carillon Historical Park: Deeds Barn, is a two story carriage house that was located at 319 Central Avenue in Dayton and belonged to Edward Deeds, general superintendent of National Cash Register Company. Mr. Deeds offered it as a work place to Charles F. Kettering, a young engineer at NCR. Here Mr. Kettering developed the self-starter for the automobile. The barn was given to the Kettering Museum and Historical Society in 1962. The Society later became the Kettering-Moraine Museum and Historical Society and that group moved the barn to its location at the Kettering Moraine Museum at 35 Moraine Circle.

George Newcom House, is one of the most historical houses in the Dayton area. A rare example of Greek Revival, it was owned by Col. George Newcom, an early pioneer and builder of the Newcom Tavern. Newcom Tavern is located in Carillon Park and the addition of the George Newcom House will complete the historical grouping. The Watervliet Shaker Miller's residence (Miller's House ca. 1819) was originally located on Patterson Road within the Shaker community site. The miller, wagonmaker and possibly the blacksmith lived in the house, forming a "Mill Family". The United Society of Believers of Watervliet, Ohio was organized officially into a community in 1806. The Kettering Moraine Museum Society moved the building to the Museum grounds in 1983. The Hetzel House, a one-story framed structure, was built in 1817 by Peter Hetzel, an early pioneer and co-founder of Moraine's Zion Memorial Church.