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Kiowa Tribal Museum
SH 9 West
Carnegie, OK 73015
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Kiowa Tribal Museum P. O. Gox 369
Carnegie, OK 73015
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Glenda Redbird, Manager
phone: 580-654-2300 x252


The board is seeking to get their own 501 c 3, this is in the very near future, we are planning to build a new museum away from the tribal complex. As of today we are located in the middle of the complex. This museum will have a research room as well as a larger display of our Kiowa history, culture and tribal every day life. We would like to have different input from different museums on building plans and other information we will be needing. I hope to see this museum very soon.


The Kiowa Tribe Museum and Resource Center opened its doors in 1984, The Kiowa Business Committee at that time had many concerns about our Kiowa history and where it was going, the complex had an atrium in the middle of the tribal complex and the KBC decided to turn that into a museum, so the excavation began and the atrium was closed and a floor was placed and the KBC hired three Kiowa artist to paint 10 mural to be placed in the museum, these mural were to tell a story of the Kiowa history, long ago when the Kiowa began we didn't know how to write, but we did know how to paint, we painted winter/summer calendars on hides. That's how we kept our history alive not only by the calendars but also orally. The Kiowa Five artists are internationally known as well, we have a set of the prints that are framed and shown occasionally, the three artists who painted the 10 murals are: Parker Boyiddle, the late Mirac Creepingbear,and Sherman Chaddlesone. We are very proud of our museum, we also have Sun Dance lodge in the center of the museum, all the artifacts are Kiowa.

Artifacts Collections

All artifacts are of Kiowa descent, we have buckskin leggings, buckskin shirt, jackets, a feathered lance covering, bows and arrows, pictures and paintings, a spoon made from a buffalo horn, a pounding rock, dolls, necklaces and beaded belts, miniature tipi's and campsite. We have the Kiowa Five prints available also.

Research Collections

We keep all our research tapes in storage, and until we can get an accurate count of all the our research items we will not open a research room until, that is finished.

Educational Programs

The only thing we have in this line is, we do have tours when asked. other than that we hope to have all these things in our future museum


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    Appointment required: Yes


    The Kiowa Tribe has a newsletter that comes out once a month, they don't have a mail out and the only way you can read this is by coming to the Kiowa Tribal Complex and pick one up.


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