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3000 E. Logan Road
Weatherford, OK 73096
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3000 E. Logan Rd
Weatherford, OK 73096
phone: 580-772-5871
fax: 580-772-0498
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Adults: $7
Seniors (over 55): $4
Military: $5
Students (): $2
Children under 5: Free
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Located in Weatherford, Oklahoma, birthplace of astronaut and flight pioneer General Thomas P. Stafford, the Stafford Air & Space Museum houses an amazing collection of air and space exhibits, an interactive aviation gallery that spans the history of flight, more than 20 historic aircraft, unique space flight artifacts and more!

The Stafford Air & Space Museum also houses one of the most comprehensive exhibits in the world displaying the history of rocketry. From the giant F-1 Saturn engine, powerhouse of the Apollo missions, down through the Gemini and Mercury space programs, Explorer, Sputnik and on to the earliest known man-made rockets, the Stafford Air & Space Museum will leave you in awe!

Your imagination will soar as you view actual flown-in-space artifacts from the Shuttle program, Hubble telescope, and the Mir Space Station. Come face to face with the 94 foot Titan II missile alongside its Gemini space capsule, and 9 megaton nuclear warhead. The Stafford Air & Space Museum tells the story of flight from Leonardo to Mars, the stunning exhibits will leave you amazed, entertained, and inspired…you have to see it to believe it!


The mission of the Thomas P. Stafford Air and Space Museum is to stimulate public interest, and education in aviation and space exploration by providing information, exhibits, and experiences that reflect the history or air and space flight.


Weatherford is the birthplace and childhood home of astronaut and flight pioneer General Thomas P. Stafford. The Stafford Air & Space Museum houses an amazing collection of air and space exhibits featuring flown-in-space artifacts and historically important aircraft.

The Stafford Air & Space Museum, founded in 1981, had humble beginnings and started with a few memorabilia items and artifacts donated to the airport and displayed in a cabinet in the lobby. A museum architect was engaged to build two rooms to display the life and career of Thomas Stafford, which was completed in 1993. In 1999, a 12,000 square ft. addition was constructed to properly house some of the large artifacts that had been collected. A major addition was constructed in 2001 to include a large series of aeronautical and space artifacts purchased from a private collection. The multi-function use Apollo Room, gift shop, offices, rest rooms, and foyer area were added in 2003. The 8,700 square feet addition in the Hubble Gallery classroom and exhibit area for the Apollo, Gemini, and Space Shuttle programs was added in 2006. The museum currently encompasses 35,000 square feet of exhibits and classrooms, and will soon expand to 40,000 square feet with the addition of a new interactive discovery room.

The Stafford Air & Space Museum is the premier museum of its type in the southwestern area of the United States. Currently, the museum houses many of the best flight exhibits and space artifacts available. Its mission is to promote the adventurous spirit of flight and space travel, while encouraging primarily science and mathematics educational excellence. The Board of Directors, Ex- Officio Board Members, Executive Directors, staff, donors and volunteers are dedicated to making the Stafford Air & Space Museum the premier interactive air and space flight discovery center in the Southwest. The museum is owned and operated by the City of Weatherford, Oklahoma and is a 501(c)3 charitable organization since 1996. The Stafford Air & Space Museum is supported by General Thomas P. Stafford, as well as public, private and corporate donations.

Artifacts Collections

The museum houses not only priceless flown-in-space artifacts including genuine Apollo and Gemini flight suits and survival items, but also an actual Titan II launch vehicle, jets, Shuttle main engines, early airplanes including a Wright Flyer, and even an actual moon rock! Many items are on permanent loan from the Smithsonian Institute, the National Air and Space Museum and other nationally recognized institutions.

Educational Programs

Stafford Air & Space Museum offers you a truly unique educational experience. Our goal is to challenge you and your students with flexible, affordable and most of all--FUN!

The Stafford Air & Space Museum is recognized as one of the nation’s premier space museums, and we offer teachers and students resources that are consistent with national science and math standards. We realize that field trips mean increased work load for all associated with the visiting school, and we pledge to offer a full-service experience that allows you to make one simple phone call to let us know when you're coming, then leave all the work to us once you walk in the door. The Stafford Air & Space Museum is a world-class space adventure!

The Stafford Air & Space Museum holds periodic workshops featuring internationally know authors, astronauts, and NASA educators for teachers and students. Please call for the next scheduled workshop date, 580.772.5871.

There are regularly held classes in our two classrooms, "Air Flight Ground School" and "Reaching for the Stars: Space Science 1" are both continued education courses offered through SWOSU.


    Owned by the City of Weatherford, the Stafford Air & Space Museum is established as a 501(c)3.


    Access: General Public

    Appointment required: Yes


    The Space Place Gift Shop

    The Space Place Gift Shop is a truly unique shop that features many different items for every guest. The gift shop is accessible from the lobby and is the exit to the museum. Visitors can shop the gift shop before and after touring the museum. Keepsakes, souvenirs, model airplanes, toys, T-Shirts, space treats, and more can be found inside the shop. Members of the museum have a 10% discount on every purchase. To order or for inquiries, please contact Sharon at the museum at 580-772-5871.


    Our volunteers are the heart of the Stafford Air & Space Museum. Each one brings something unique with them. Their expertise, stories, and kindness help to bring a one-of-a-kind experience to visitors. The Stafford Air & Space is always looking for more volunteers!

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