Street Address
114 East Robert S Kerr Blvd
Wynnewood, OK 73098
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114 East Robert S Kerr Blvd
Wynnewood, OK 73098
phone: 405-238-4567
Monday - Thursday11 AM - 4 PM
Other hours by appointment
Adults: $4
Seniors (over 55): $3
Students (): $2
Children under 6: Free
Family/Groups: $25
Museum Type(s)
Sandy Campbell, Curator, Wynnewood Historical Society
phone: 405-238-4567


Rumor has it that ghosts run this place when they think no one is looking. More than one instance, the memories of this 100 year old hotel prevail during the day. So many stories to tell, so many to hear- this old hotel is full of intrigue, mystery, and history.


The Eskridge Hotel was built by Pinckney Reid Eskridge in 1907, the same year that Oklahoma gained statehood. Mr. Eskridge constructed the three story brick hotel with lathe and plaster interior walls, tall ceilings, door transoms, a dining room, kitchen, lobby and sleeping rooms. In 1973, the Wynnewood Historical society transformed the hotel into a museum to help preserve its deep history. Now as a museum, the Eskridge Hotel’s 1907 elegant charm still remains, with its porches extending over the sidewalk and its benches at the entrance retained. Not all of the original items from the Eskridge Hotel remain, but the items it holds tell a story from a past long ago.

Artifacts Collections

Expansive collections portray the different eras in Oklahoma history.


Access: Members

Appointment required: No