Street Address
1837 Marion Street
Enumclaw, WA 98022
Mailing Address
1837 Marion Street
Enumclaw, WA 98022
phone: 360-825-3356
Sunday, Thursday1 PM - 4 PM
Group visits for off hours with several days prenotice accepted.
No admission fee. Donations please.
Museum Type(s)
Ron Tyler, President
phone: 360-825-2294


We have many resources and catalogs from which to research for individuals, businesses, local history, family history, sports-related, weddings & anniversaries, obituaries, cemeteries information of many kinds, all in the forms of photographs, newspapers & clippings, reference books and the like.


The Enumclaw Plateau Historical Society was formed and chartered in 1994, and through a grant purchased a large two-story building constructed by the Masons in 1909. The building had earlier been sold by the Masons to the Episcopal Diocese and then to EPHS. The building was in fine condition but has been undergoing restoration and a small addition to accomodate an elevator, a second bathroom, artifact storage, meeting area and additional museum space.

Artifacts Collections

The Mission is the collection and interpretation of Enumclaw Plateau artifacts in the forms of photographs, material objects, archival collections, and to a lesser degree, library items.

Research Collections

See Institutional Essays above.

Educational Programs

Three hands-on "education kits" were created for use by schools and other groups regarding Enumclaw and Washington State history. A curriculum was created by teachers from the local school district. One of these kits is open and available for viewing and hands-on inspection by the public. No fee is yet levied for these kits.


Newsletters available 3 or 4 times a year.