Street Address
409 East Fifth Street
Austin, TX 78701
Mailing Address
409 East 5th Street
Austin, TX 78701
phone: 512-472-1903
fax: 512-472-7102
free- donations accepted
Museum Type(s)
Valerie Bennett, Curator


The mission of the O. Henry Museum is to collect, preserve and interpret artifacts and archival materials relative to William Sidney Porter and to utilize the museum structure, collection and exhibitins for cultural and educational purposes which are accessible to the public. Our long term goal is a visitors center which will provide additional exhibition space, classrooms, a small theatre, and archival storage.


The O. Henry house was built in 1891 as retal property. The original location was at 308 East fourth Street. In 1930 the residential neighborhood had become a warehouse district and the house was slated for demolition. The house was eventually saved, donated to the city and moved to it's present location. The house was restored and in 1934 opened as a museum with some of the Porter's own furniture and period pieces. In 1994-95, the house was extensively restored. The O.Henry Museum is listed on the National Register of Historic sites and has been disignated as a Literature Landmark by the Library of Congress.

Artifacts Collections

O. Henry books, personal belongings, manuscripts, photographs, memorabilia, furniture and decorating pieces of art.

Research Collections

O.Henry biographies, books, newspaper articles, manuscripts, and O. Henry short stories collections.

Educational Programs

antique valentine exhibit in February, O.Henry's birthday party in September and a Victorian Christmas in December. Exhibits include the Gillman Hall Collection of letters and O.Henry belongings, the museum offers a writing class.


    Quarterly newsletter, an annual report, brochures for special events and a year book of selected writings fro our book club.