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Pleasonton & Sheridan Rds.
Fort Bliss, TX 79916
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Fort Bliss, TX 79916
phone: 915-568-4518


In an effort to present a more accurate picture of Fort Bliss at Magoffinsville site, the buildings now house “period rooms” representing life at the post and surrounding area in 1857. The garrison then consisted of several companies of the 8th Infantry and a company Regiment of Mounted Rifles. Daily activities necessary to house, feed, and maintain a military force at a remote frontier outpost are interpreted in the period rooms and work yard. All of the uniforms, tools, and equipment are authentic reproductions (rather than artifacts) to permit their use by trained, costumed interpreters during school programs and special events.

The colorful story of Fort Bliss is continued with interpretive exhibits and historical artifacts in the north building, covering the subsequent locations of Fort Bliss, with emphasis on the people and events that have built the post into one of the nation’s major Army installations. Through this re-creation of the Magoffinsville post and its exhibits, the visitor can experience the sights, sounds, and activities of the 1853-1868 era, and learn of the parallel and complimentary development of Fort Bliss and El Paso. Fort Bliss boasts a significant heritage for both the civilian and military community today.

Artifacts Collections

military hardware & uniforms; early Southwest domestic items; Indian crafts; military & civilian firearms

Research Collections

military & local history

Educational Programs

self-guided tours; period room exhibits; living history demonstratoins & programs; audiovisual presentations; temporary exhibits


    brochure; German & Spanish language gides; Japanese history of Fort Bliss