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1119 Fisher Street
Goldthwaite, TX 76844
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P.O. Box 118
Goldthwaite, TX 76844
Free. Donations Accepted.
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Richey Reed, Board Member
Rose Head, Board Member
Gayle Smith, Director


As the word got out, the people of Mills County brought in their family heirlooms. The first prized possessions of the museum were the old family farm wagon, old pianos, and 100-year-old quilts. Volunteers arranged all the donated antiques, raised money for repairs, did the repairs, made many of the museum display cases and partitions, hauled in the old Hudson Drugstore cases, and brought in old barn boards to make walls and wooden frames for displays.

As one enters the museum, a painted mural of the first courthouse is seen as a backdrop for the first car registered in Mills County. Centered in the museum is a large painted mural of San Saba Peak and local ranchers. Don't miss the exhibits of early communications, post office, bank, dentist office, kitchen and home, farm, first hospital, schools, judges, jails, country store, drugstore, barber-beauty shop, 1930 Maytag Ringer Washer, and funeral hearse.


The mission of the museum has been to acquire, preserve, and interpret items from or related to Mills County that have historical significance to the residents and visitors of the county.


The idea for a museum began with historical Mills County pictures displayed on several easels put up at the Mills County State Bank for the Bi-Centennial celebration. After that, a building was found.

The Palmer Building, now the museum, was erected as a one-story in 1893. In 1906, a second story was added. Mrs. Mamie Palmer sold the building to the Mills County Historical Museum Corporation in 1977.

The lower story had been used mostly as a Piggly Wiggly grocery store. Rumor states that the lower story had housed a saloon first. The upper story was used as a meeting room for the Woodmen of the World Lodge for nearly twenty years. Later, it was used for Dr. Thomas Clark Graves's first dental office, doctor offices, law offices, a radio station, an extension of the Saylor Hotel for room rental, and a pool hall.

Educational Programs

The museum offers student workshops and a Kids' Camp in July. In addition, there is a booklet of information about Mills County.


    The majority of the exhibit work done on behalf of the Mills County Historical Museum has been completed by volunteers. We are dedicated to protecting and showcasing the collection on behalf of the community members who donated artifacts relevant to the history of Mills County.


    The Mills County Historical Museum is managed by a board of directors. For 2016, the officers are Linda Johnson and Richey Reed, co-presidents; Brian Whitt, vice-president; Carolyn Vasquez, secretary; and C.T. (Tommy) Head, treasurer. The other board members are Patty Bays, Jan Fischer, Ramona Flores, Brandon Grebe, Leslie Hammond, Rose Lee Head, Robert McDaniel, Jerry Poss, Brady Rountree, Jill Shillings, and Mary Thorpe. Sylvia Bindel and Ramona Corona serve on the Advisory Board.


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