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L. B. Nerio, Curator, Krauss Hall
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On the campus of the University of HawaiÔi at Manoa, this new museum features the collections of local painter John Young, with a special focus on the arts of China, Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia and the Pacific.

Greeting the visitor at the entry of the Museum is a 1976 portrait of John Young by the eminent contemporary artist and Stanford University professor Nathan Oliveira. Emeritus professor Thomas Klobe of the Art Department, UHM College of Arts and Humanities, designed the original installation for the museum gallery.

In the courtyard, water flows down a rock wall into a water garden designed by Betsy Sakata. The reflecting pool hosts a Thai Buddha image that once graced John Young's home on the slopes of Diamond Head.


The purpose of the Museum is to enhance the knowledge and appreciation of art, and to further art education at the University for the benefit of students and the community. The Museum is also a space for research conducted by art historians, archaeologists, and other scholars.

Artifacts Collections

The museum's starter collection represents the University of Hawai‘i's special interests in Asia and the Pacific region and is largely contributed by the late John Young, whose vision for a University museum was the inspiration for the project

With many noteworthy artifacts of ancient China, the collection reflects John Young's interest in his ancestral homeland. The objects range from Neolithic pottery jars that date as far back as 3000-2000 B.C.E., to Han Dynasty tomb figures (206 B.C.E.-220 C.E.), to the early Ming Dynasty (14th century).

Of special note are several authentic Hawaiian koa wood chairs that were gifted to the University by students. The earliest piece, a koa armchair, was originally presented to the Territorial Normal School in 1906 by a graduating class. In 1931, the Normal School merged with the University of Hawai‘i's Department of Education to become Teachers College (presently the UHM College of Education). The chairs were gifted to the museum by the College of Education.



During the morning hours, visitor parking on the UH upper campus is limited, but ample parking is generally available in the lower campus parking structure. After 4:00pm and on Saturdays and Sundays, visitors may park in campus parking areas near the Museum, including next to Krauss Hall. See visitor parking information for the Mānoa campus.



Group Visits/additional information

Visits by organizations, classes of students, and other groups may be arranged by appointment. Please call Outreach College, tel: (808) 956-3634. For specific information about the museum collection, contact the curator, L. B. Nerio, phonel: 956-3634.

Contributions Welcomed

The Museum needs your support. Your monetary donations–large or small–are essential to maintaining the quality of the exhibitions and gardens. Contributions may be made to the University of Hawai‘i Foundation, Outreach College account.

Group Tours