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George Washington Carver

The young boy known as the “Plant Doctor,” tended his secret garden while observing the day to day operations of a successful 19th century farm. Nature and nurture ultimately influenced George on his journey to becoming a renowned scientist of agriculture.

Carver Science Classroom

The Carver Science Classroom offers various activities and lab experiments with a park ranger.

The Carver Boyhood Diorama

Several exhibits in the Carver Museum interpret the life of George Washington Carver when he lived on the Southwest Missouri farm.

Hitting the Carver Trail

A popular place to stop and rest on the Carver Nature Trail is at the Boy Carver Statue.


When Moses and Susan Carver moved to Southwest Missouri they built a small 12' x 12' cabin. Eventually that same cabin was inhabited by an enslaved girl named Mary. She gave birth to George towards the end of the Civil War. Today visitors can see the approximate area where the cabin once stood. A log layout was built after the establishment of the park.

Hands-on science lessons

George believed all of life's problems could be solved through nature. His scientific exploration began when he was a child living on the Moses Carver Farm. Today, the park service carries on his legacy by offering hands-on science lessons with students of all ages


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