Street Address
Meremac Springs Park
21880 Maramec Spring Drive
St James, MO 65559
Mailing Address
Meremac Springs Park
St James, MO 65559


The Museum is located within the Maramec Spring Park. The Maramec Museum houses natural and cultural history exhibits. A twenty-one foot bluff, waterfall, and five-hundred gallon aquarium greets the visitors as they enter the museum. Once inside you will see a rain model with lightning, thunder, and a cool afternoon shower. Displays show the native wildlife in their natural habitats. History of the Iron Works is explained using working models and displays. While in the museum be certain to view the video "The Hidden World Beneath Maramec Spring Park". This seven minute video will take you into the Spring's cave to view the rare Southern Cavefish and Salem Cave Crayfish in their natural habitats.


Maramec Spring Park is the location of the first successful Iron Works in Missouri.