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Olive Dadisman, Director of museum
phone: 304-265-5549


A Wooden two-story structure that was built in 1854 by Granville Jarvis and occupied by the family for several years. 95% is orginal, so it takes you back in time. We have over 5000 items on display.

The Civil War

The house became a focal point of the Civil War when General Geotge B. McClellan used it as his headquarters and his troops were en-camped across from the house in what is now Ocean Pearl Felton Historic Park

Mrs. Jarvis and Mothers Day

After the war, it was Mrs Jarvis who soothed ill-feelings among opposing families by holding a remarkably moving service for the soldiers and their families once again uniting communities torn apart by War. It was her wish that a Day Be Set Aside to honor all mothers and her daughter, Anna Jarvis, established the first internationally celebrated holiday... Mothers Day in her honor using the anniversary of her mother's death as its date.


To preserve historic sites,create jobs and educate today's yourth about their hertiage and the wealth of history that occurred here in the great state of West Virginia.


Birthplace of Anna Jarvis, founder of Mother's Day. Head quarters of General George B. McClellan during the Civil War.

Artifacts Collections

Over 5000 items on display with alot that belongs to the Jarvis Family.

Research Collections

Several letters, pictures, and other items that tell the family history.

Educational Programs

We go into the schools in the area an protray charters of the family and other people from this area. Also have students who volunteer for the summer learn how to do the tours. Fun workshops to learn how they lived in the 1800-1900's.



119/250 four miles south of Grafton

Performance Areas


Thunder on the Tygart, Inc. is a non-profit foundation but has no federal, state or county funds. We do all our own fund-raising to keep things going. No one is paid, its all volunteer's.


Gift Shop, Rental of our pavilion, music in the park for summer, and of course tours of all our sites.

Gift Shop

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