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Q & A Roads, Rt 92
Arthurdale, WV 26520
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P.O. Box 850
Arthurdale, WV 26520
phone: 304-864-3959
fax: 304-864-4602
Nov - April
Guided tours year round
Tuesday - Friday12 PM - 4 PM
Guided tours year round
Sunday, Tuesday - Saturday12 PM - 4 PM
$8 Adults
$7 Seniors & AAA
$3 Children 6-12
free under 6
Gift Shop
Special Event Rental
Jeanne Goodman, Executive Director
phone: 304-864-3959


The Craft Shop carries an eclectic variety of handmade crafts from local crafters, antiques, and educational material about the 30s, as well as, Arthurdale souvenirs.

This fully restored historic facility is the perfect place for weddings, receptions, parties, reunions, meetings, and other gatherings. The Hall will comfortably seat 125 for a dinner or accommodate more for a meeting, dance, or reception. The grounds are also available for reunions or to accommodate larger groups.

Arthurdale is the nation's first New Deal Homestead Community. It provided a chance for coal miners and others suffering from the effects of the Great Depression. First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt was an active force behind the project, was active in its progress and visited often. She handed out high school graduation diplomas from 1935 to 1944 and often invited graduates to dine at the White House.


Arthurdale Heritage exists because 25 years ago, those lucky enough to grow up here took on the job of saving the decaying central buildings. With their volunteer work, they brought Arthurdale back to life and restored Center Hall, Administration Building, forge, service station, and an original homestead. Visitors today can get a glimpse of life in the 1930s.

Artifacts Collections

Homesteaders were taught skills and expected to work in the cooperative dairy, forge, furniture and wood shop, pottery, weaving rooms, store, etc. There are items made in these areas both in the museum and in the restored homestead. Many family members have donated items they had in their homes in the 1930s and 40s.

Research Collections

We have an extensive archive of original materials, photographs, oral histories, etc.

Educational Programs

We have classes on various period crafts, dance, lectures, an Eleanor Roosevelt actor. There is a self guided driving tour brochure and tour guides lead the museum tours.


Access: Staff Only

Appointment required: Yes


There is a quarterly newsletter for members and an annual report.

  • Restoring Yesterday for Tomorrow


Gift Shop

Special Event Rental