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Tate Geological Museum
We are normally only closed on major holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. If in doubt, please call 307-268-2447 to see if we are going to be open on a holiday.
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Deanna Schaff, Director
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Russell Hawley, Education Specialist/Scientific Illustrator
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J.P. Cavigelli, Prep Lab Manager and Field Operations Specialist
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On March 6, 2010, the almost complete skeleton of the largest mounted Columbian mammoth ("Mammuthus columbi") in North America was installed at the Tate Museum. The mammoth was named "Dee" after Dee Zimmerschied, the bulldozer operator who discovered the bones while peparing a oil well drilling location pad."Dee" was estimated to be 65-70 years old at the time of his death 11,600 years ago. He stands 13'8" at the shoulder and would have weighed 10 tons while alive. He was discovered on the Allemand Ranch northeast of Casper, WY in the spring of 2006. After four years he is now on display in the Tate Museum as the centerpiece of our Pleistocene exhibit.

The Tate Museum gift shop has items for everyone on your list. The gift shop carries specialty mammoth items including our "I Dig Dee" t-shirts which featuring a mammoth skeleton drawn by our scientific illustrator, Russell Hawley, mammoth resource books, models, stuffed mammoths, postcards, etc. In addition we have a wide variety of geology related books, including children's books, unique jewelry made by mostly local artists, dinosaur models, rock and mineral specimens, hats, geology tools, etc. Our latest addition to the gift shop, "Dee and the Mammoth" is a children's book written by well know Buffalo, WY author Gene Gagliano, and illustrated by local artist, Zachary Pullen. A Tate Museum membership will give you 10% off of every purchase at the gift shop!

One of a small number of geology and paleontology museums in Wyoming, the Tate houses a collection of over 3000 fossil and mineral specimens. Museum staff are always on hand to answer questions, help identify items visitors bring in, and make your visit to the museum an enjoyable experience. The Tate is certainly a great addition to anyone's list of 'must see sites' when traveling through Wyoming.


The mission of the Tate Geological Museum at Casper College is to provide educational resources to its community and visitors by being a leading Earth Science Education Center in the region through its exhibits, collections, and programs.


The Tate Geological Museum was founded in 1980 through a gift from Marion and Inez Tate. It was originally designated as the Tate Earth Science Center and Mineralogical Museum. Because ‘geological' encompasses earth science, mineralogy and paleontology, the name was changed to the Tate Geological Museum in 2001.

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We provide a variety of programming for both children and adults. We have gallery tours for all ages, classroom outreach, Saturday club for youth, Museum Consortium camp with other local museums and an expanding docent program.


The Tate Museum Geological Times Newsletter that is distributed every other month.


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