Street Address
Cedarville History Museum
450 W.Second Street
Cedarville, IL 61013
Mailing Address
P.O. Box 336
Cedarville, IL 61013
Saturday and Sunday from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m., May through October, or by appointment
Donation of $2 suggested
Museum Type(s)
Jim Bade, President
phone: 815-563-4485
Steve Myers, Webmaster/Board member


Cedarville is a village of 750. As the birthplace of Jane Addams, first American woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize and founder of Chicago's Hull-House, we have a large exhibit on the Addams family, including her father, a state senator and personal friend of Lincoln. In addition we have other permanent and changing local exhibits. This year we started a series of publically-attended programs on local history. We sponsor several village festivals each year.


The Cedarville Area Historical Society with its attendant museum was formed in 1975 as part of the U.S. bicentennial. The museum was originally located in the village's nineteenth century jail; however, in June of 2005 the museum was relocated to the 1889 Cedarville School, a building that had been unused since 1967. Restoring the two-story, four room brick building is an ongoing operation. Only the first floor is usuable at the present time; work will start on the second floor in 2006.

Artifacts Collections

Local history items.

Research Collections

Local history manuscripts, documents, books, diaries, photos, cemetery records and genealogical records. Many of these are available through computer printouts. We also have access to the county library's local history collection and the collection of the county genealogical society.

Educational Programs

Public lectures cost $2 or $3. Historical house walks (held approximately every three years) cost $10. Student tours are free, but donations are accepted. Cost of guided tours of the village and cemetery is to be negotiated.

  • Exhibitions
  • Student tours
  • Public lectures
  • Guided tours of the village and cemetery
  • Historical house walks


Cedarville Area Historical Society, a non-profit organization with a nine member board


Access: General Public

Appointment required: No


We print and distribute 450 copies of a historical society newsletter 10 times a year. It is eight pages. We also publish historical books and documents. This year we held a music program that featured popular songs from 1890 to 1910. The songs were performed on a 1905 upright piano and the program was recorded. We produced a CD of the performance. We have a simple annual report that is presented at the annual meeting in February.


Wheelchair Accessible