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Fairbury Echoes Museum
126 W. Locust
Fairbury, IL 61739
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126 W. Locust
Fairbury, IL 61739
phone: 815-692-2191
No charge
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Fairbury Echoes Museum was initiated to preserve local history and items of long-ago living. A permanent display of items from area businesses, schools, churches, organizations and people occupies two rooms of the museum. A third room features household and clothing items donated by the museum's original benefactors, Floyd and Marion Stafford. The fourth room is a reading and reference room full of interesting items. A mini-exhibit is on display in the fifth room which changes several times each year.


The work behind the creation of the Fairbury Echoes Museum began in a bicentennial committee set up under the direction of the Dominy Memorial Library in 1976. After many volunteer hours and several generous donations by the community and the Staffords, the museum opened in 1979 in a house next door to the library. In 2003, the museum closed at that location and, after reorganizing, it reopened in a building in Fairbury's historic business district.

Artifacts Collections

Items from Fairbury and the surrounding area related to the schools, businesses, churches and people. Items of long-ago living donated by the museum's original benefactors, Floyd & Marion Stafford.


Not-for-profit, tax exempt charitable organization with 8 member board of directors.


Access: General Public

Appointment required: No


A quarterly newsletter is sent to interested parties who have donated items, money or time to the museum.


Wheelchair Accessible