122 W 22nd St
Oak Brook, IL 60521
phone: 773-776-5551
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Paul S. Valasek, Vice-president


Formerly of Oak Brook, IL and currently in hibernation.

MuseumsUSA has been advised that this beautiful collection has unfortunately lost their space this past November and currently are in storage until a new location is found. Please check back often and we will give the new location asap.

Collection info.

Founded in 1974, this Czech and Slovak Museum is home to a variety of beautiful artifacts that focus on the culture, heritage and history of what is now the Czech and Slovak Republics. The library and archives offers a wealth of historical books and has become a valuable resource for information on genealogy, customs, art, traditions and history. The casual visitor is certain to enjoy the displays of colorful folk costumes, paintings, garnets, hand cut crystal and other artifacts.