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Tours by appointment only. Call the Museum to schedule your tour. Tours of more than 15 people need 4 day advance notice.
Tuesday - Friday1 PM - 3 PM
Sunday2 AM - 4 PM
General Admission: $5
Members: free
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Karen Hammarberg, Manager
phone: 815-966-1218
Gary Lindberg, SHS President
Tom Gustafson, SHS 1st Vice President
phone: 815-985-5116


The Swedish Historical Society of Rockford was established in 1938 by a group from Rockford after visiting the 300th anniversary of the arrival of Swedes in North America.

It is organized exclusively for historical, educational, and charitable purposes. In harmony with this purpose is the operation of the Erlander Home Museum and the preservation of Swedish-American history and culture of Rockford through museum displays, educational program etc.

The Society also arranges social events bringing people together to celebrate Rockfords Swedish-American History.

The Society also offers Swedish translation services and Swedish language instruction to help those wishing to travel to Sweden or to communicate with Swedish friends and relatives by phone or in writing.

Artifacts Collections

We have original Rockford Made furniture, original paints by Mary Erlander and more ...


Access: Members

Appointment required: Yes


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