500 Bay Street
Hattiesburg, MS 39401
phone: 213-314-9333
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Turner J.H.


Turner House Museum, located in Hattiesburg, MS, promotes research and public education through its Museum collection. Visitors to the Museum can see Museum exhibits, attend events at the Museum, and access Museum educational programs.

Hattiesburg Historic Neighborhood

Hattiesburg Historic Neighborhood presents a showcase of the development of a timber town in Southeast Mississippi. The neighborhood, founded in 1884, retains much of the appearance it acquired during its historical development by founders of the city. The condition of the district’s structures ranges from fair to excellent. Very few houses are vacant and beginning to deteriorate. Some descendants of those founders have continued to maintain several of the homes in this area. While a number of residences were always well maintained, acquisition and restoration of key houses since the early ‘80’s ignited the revitalization of HHN.

Early founders of the neighborhood who where historically prominent citizens who built houses and resided in the neighborhood include: Dr. T.E. Ross (416 Bay Street) owner of the Central Business District’s Ross Building and a founder of Methodist Hospital; J.P. Carter (502 Court Street) owner of the Central Business District’s Carter Building, president of First National Bank or Commerce and city alderman 1889; George Komp (122 Short Bay) owner of Komp Machine Works; W.M. Conner (106 Short Bay) local merchant, developer, alderman 1888, and mayor of Hattiesburg 1889-90; J.S. Turner (500 Bay Street) local land owner, lumberman, alderman 1899-1900 and organizer of the First National Bank of Commerce; W.W. Crawford (301 Court Street) founder of the South Mississippi Infirmary; F.B. Woodley (415 Walnut Street) superintendent of schools; Abner Polk, (730 River Avenue) alderman 1899-1900 and liveryman; Michael Rowan (401 Bay Street) roadmaster for the New Orleans and Northeastern and Mississippi Central Railroads; Paul B. Johnson Jr. and Sr. (Bay Street- house no longer there) Governors of Mississippi.