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John W. Streetman, III, Director
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One of Southwestern Indiana's most established and significant cultural institutions, the Evansville Museum is a general museum with comprehensive collections in art, history, anthropology and science.

The Evansville Museum Transportation Center (EMTRAC) invites visitors to step back in time and trace the history of transportation starting with a dug-out canoe; view an elaborate model diorama reflecting Evansville in the late 1940s; and tour a 1908 steam switch engine, a Tennessee Club Car, and a red caboose.

Educational Programs

Be sure to take a look at our tours and outreach programs. These programs can be customized to fit the needs of your group.

If you are a parent, take a moment to check out our classes page. The exciting, hands-on classes taught by local artists and Museum staff give children the chance to let their imaginations and creative juices flow!


Wheelchair Accessible


Exhibits Available for Rent: OUTREACH TO SPACE

Our OUTREACH TO SPACE traveling exhibition was designed by San Francisco’s Exploratorium. Built to withstand the rigors of family experimentation, our exhibits teach children and families about Space and Space travel through hands-on exploration. This traveling exhibition features eleven, stand-alone exhibits, wall banners, expendable parts and set-up instructions. The entire set of exhibits can be easily set up by one person using nothing more than a light hand truck. One exhibit, Different Worlds, Different Weights, allows guests to compare the weight of an apple on Earth against the weight of an apple on other bodies in the Solar System. Another star attraction is Space Colony, which encourages children to use LEGO® brand blocks and a lot of imagination to construct their own visions for the future of space exploration. Children and adults alike enjoy experimenting with Pressure Suit, allowing them to pump air out of the exhibit chamber and to observe two “Bug Out Bob” aliens inside, one fitted with a pressurized helmet and one exposed to the dropping pressure.

Exhibits Available for Rent: Wild Weather

Let the Evansville Museum storm into your school or museum with our interactive weather exhibits for a Wild Weather experience your audience won't soon forget! This set nine of exhibits is the perfect supplement for students in grades 4-8 studying the science of weather. Through hands-on interaction, your audience can explore science concepts such as evaporation, condensation, heat, pressure, tornados, electric charges and climate. Your Wild Weather experience springs into action when our Midwest Wild Weather exhibits arrive at your venue. Our weather exhibits are designed to teach important science concepts and also to allow children to experience science in an unforgettable way. Each of our nine exhibits are professionally designed and are interactive.


Each year, the Evansville Museum welcomes thousands of students and teachers from Southern Indiana, Southern Illinois and Southern Kentucky to its galleries. Students are introduced to its permanent collection and special exhibitions through school tours, outreach programs, and educational workshops. Friendly, knowledgeable Docents lead students on exciting, interactive journeys through history, art and science, helping them incorporate classroom learning with life experiences.

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