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Donald Hunt, President
phone: 765-683-0052


At our home in downtown Anderson, there is a lasting record of a way of life preserved for all to see, treasure and enjoy. We welcome all who are interested in exploring our rich culture and social history. The earliest pioneers, seeking new homes and better farm land, came here when there were only Indian trails and buffalo tracks. They settled along the White River and small creeks in Madison County, encountering the Indians, clearing the timber and stayed because of the richness of the soil. Indiana was the cross roads to lands further west and many did pass through; however, those who remained, built homes, farms, businesses, churches, and communities. Our early history is interwoven with that of the Delaware Indians and those early pioneers who came to a new land. Their lives and courage should give us pause and inspiration to continue with the work we have set for ourselves and the Society.

The Madison County Historical Society is an all volunteer member Society. The members give of their time, talents, energy, experiences, and knowledge to the benefit of our community, county and prosperity of the Society. It's all about the people who came before us, their lives, the contributions, and achievements that makes our history come alive.

Throughout the year, we present to the community exhibits that are a reflection of our county history. The exhibits and displays are educational, inspirational, and family fun. You are encouraged to attend each and every one!


MCHS was organized in 1884 and incorporated in 1926. From these humble and early beginnings, the Society has continued through the years with vigor, energy, and dedication on its mission to collect and preserve objects, artifacts, documents, and photographs pertaining to the history of Madison County, Indiana. Through research, education, and exhibition, we seek to interpret and prompt an awareness and appreciation for that history for the benefit of all generations.

Artifacts Collections

The collecting of stories, books and family histories is an intriguing journey of discovery and is only part of what we do. Our aim and effort is to make our community better by caring for and sharing the knowledge we have of our rich and wonderful heritage. Your participation can be rewarding and educational.

Research Collections

Our collection includes Genealogy, family History and Local and American History books.

Educational Programs

The History of Brewing, Distilling and Bottling in Indiana

The Madison County Historical Society is sponsoring an exhibit about brewing, distilling and bottling in Indiana. This display is very detailed, informative, and educational. Another museum quality exhibit that you "don't want to miss!" In this case, that is abundantly true. The display committee has designed an exhibit that is beautiful to look at as well as being historically accurate along with showcasing fine and rare items. There are artifacts from the 1850 - 1875 era including many bottles and flasks, posters and advertisements.

  • we must give a THANK YOU to Bill Knepp, Linda Jones, and Melody Hull for their very detailed and informative display.


Historical Photo Gallery

It has been a long time in the planning process but is now complete and ready for you to experience. Come in and see the brand new Historical Photo Gallery at the Madison County History Center, 15 West 11th Street, Anderson, Indiana. The Gallery is open and free to the public every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. The Gallery is a product of our extensive photograph collection and reflects our commitment to bring to the citizens of Madison County the best that history has to offer. Accumulated over the years through generous donations and photograph sharing by history-loving people in and out of Madison County, we are featuring this permanent gallery for all to enjoy.


Access: General Public

Appointment required: No


  • Society Newsletter, the Gazette published quarterly
  • Madison County Historical Society Civil War Roundtable Newsletter 9 times


If you wish to bring a group for a tour, please call 765-683-0052 and make arrangements. There is no fee for this activity.

Group Tours