Street Address
13 Eighth Maine Avenue
Peaks Island, ME 04108
Mailing Address
P.O. Box 8
Peaks Island, ME 04108
phone: 207-766-5086
June - October
Tours are available daily from 11:00 AM until 4:00 PM
Daily11 AM - 4 PM
Please call or email us for an appointment to be sure that a guide is available for your party.
Suggested Donation $5 per person.
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Ronald D. Adams, President
Stephen S. Adams, Treasurer


For four years, the regiment marched, fought, and died side-by-side. After the war, the survivors vowed to maintain the bonds and the friendships they had formed. This Memorial was where those bonds were renewed each year.

You are invited to experience the surroundings and traditions of the 8th Maine veterans in their Memorial Building. Enjoy our sun decks, shorefront, communal dining room, fireside gatherings, and full moon parties. In addition, we have numerous activities available in the Memorial Hall including cards, games, puzzles, sing-a-longs and Ping-Pong.

For History buffs, we have an extensive collection of Civil War Books, soldier's diaries and memorabilia. We also have a substantial collection of material on life on Peaks Island and in the Portland area over the last 136 years. Most of these materials are available in our museum room located in the main hall. It was formerly known as the Veteran's room and used for those who were unable to negotiate the stairs to the second floor. We have a computer, scanner and printer located in this room to support researchers and those seeking to explore their genealogy. We also have broadband internet, free local and domestic long distance calling, Time Warner Cable and WiFi service available to our guests.


The Eighth Maine Regiment Memorial Association was incorporated in 1871 as a nonprofit, veterans’ organization. It perpetuates the memory and preserves the history of the Eighth Maine Volunteer Regiment including the real and personal property of the Association.

Funds for preserving the building and its contents are raised through donations, fund raising activities including an annual raffle, and fees from overnight guests and groups using the facilities.


The Eighth Maine Regiment Memorial Building was completed in 1891 - 20 years after the incorporation of the Association. Previously, the Regiment held its annual reunions in various locations around the State. However, after the War, Brigadier General William Miltmore McArthur, a Regiment commander, won over $75,000 from the Louisiana State Lottery. He used $8,000 of his winnings to construct the building and $800 to purchase the land, so the women and children would not have to continue to suffer the hardships of camping in tents. Thus, five years of service in the War gave life to an Association that is preparing to celebrate its 137th annual reunion.


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