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2725 Old Greenville Hwy
Pendleton, SC 29630
Mailing Address
P. O. Box 444
Pendleton, SC 29670
Speical tours by appointment, please call (864) 646-3782 with minimum notice of 24 hours, and minimum charge of $30.
Sunday, Tuesday - Friday1 PM - 4 PM
General Admission:
•Adults - $6
•Children (ages 5-10) - $2
•Children (ages 0-4) - $0
School Tours
•Students - $3
•Chaperons - $5
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Les Mccall, Executive Director
phone: 864-646-7249


Our vision is for our house mesum to become the premier heritage tourism destination in the upstate SC. Our long term goal is to become another reason to visit the upstate. We plan for our house museum to be a major historical site for school children across the state to visit. To accomplish, the Foundation sponsors a number of special educational events each year. We have hosted roughly 1,000 school children each year for our tours.

We give tours of all ages, either by appointment, or by arriving during our open hours. One is never too old to learn. We host a Christmas event at Ashtabula every year.


Now known as the Pendleton Historic Foundation, the “Foundation for Historic Restoration” was founded in 1960 to save the historic house at Woodburn at a time when its future was questionable. That same year, the foundation received Ashtabula as a gift from the Mead Corporation of Dayton, Ohio. The first board members founded several committees: Restoration, Grounds, Research, Membership, Fund Raising, and Public Relations. The first membership drive in 1962 produced an astonishing 292 members. By 1972, Both Ashtabula and Woodburn were placed on the National Register of Historic Places. Asthabula and Woodburn have been operated as house museums since the mid-1970's and are sites on the SC National Heritage Corridor. In 1982, the foundation’s current motto became “Banking the fire thus to guard the flame.” By 1996, the Foundation officially became: The Pendleton Historic Foundation. In the half-century since its founding, the Pendleton Historic Foundation has made wonderful advancements through grants, donations, and membership income.

Educational Programs

The Pendleton Historic Foundation is able to provide tours that meet the SC standards for 3rd grade and 8th grade. We have exhibitions within the house, and on our website provide a complete list of helpful links for both teachers and students. Both teacher and students will be able to click on the "learn" section of our website, and follow the programs accordingly.


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