1111 West US Hwy 60
Superior, AZ 85273
Sunday, Wednesday - Saturday8 AM - 1:30 PM
Monday - Tuesdayclosed
World's Smallest Museum is open everyday except Monday & Tuesday, some major holidays, and some hot summer days. Call ahead if you are going to visit in the summer. It gets real hot here and occasionally we have to escape to the mountains!
It is absolutely free! However, we hope you will like it enough to donate a dollar or two. Small museums need love too!
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World's Smallest Museum, one of Arizona's finest roadside attractions in Superior on historic US 60, showcases "artifacts of ordinary life," and by doing so, honors the world's extra-ordinary workforce! From a large iron kettle filled with ancient bits and pieces of pottery to the computer on display, a true memorium is subtly woven in one's mind that honors common people.

While World's Smallest Museum reflects ordinary life with its displays of common yet unique artifacts, outside is our Memory Lane / Waterfall Avenue! Using artifacts of ordinary working equipment and recycling them into fountains and waterfalls, monuments to the unsung heroes, all hard working people of the world becomes Memory Lane's / Waterfall Avenue's theme!

A visit to World's Smallest Museum is for most, a step back in time and a stroll down Memory Lane / Waterfall Avenue! Please visit our museum store while you are here. We offer some very unique items at very reasonable prices. Enjoy yourself and come back soon to one of Arizona's finest roadside attractions!

Artifacts Collections

One of the big attractions on display in the museum is the World's Largest Apache Tear Good Luck Stone! This semi-precious stone is a "merikanite obsidian nodule," mother nature's glass in rounded shapes from pea size to softball size. Found only near Superior, it is a smokey brown translucent gem quality stone. It is the only obsidian nodule that can truly called an Apache Tear!


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