Street Address
10 East Mount Vernon Place
Baltimore, MD 21202
Mailing Address
10 East Mount Vernon Place
Baltimore, MD 21202
phone: 410-685-5290
Open Monday-Friday 9am - 3 pm; Saturday by appointment.
Tuesday - Friday9 AM - 2 PM
Saturday10 AM - 2 PM
Sunday11 AM - 2 PM
Museum Type(s)
William A. Green, President, Board of Trustees
Dr. Jarrett T. Wicklein, Pastor


"In the heart of downtown Baltimore since 1872, we can offer you our peace and quiet. There are unexpected things to be discovered in the stillness. We offer you an opportunity for spiritual growth, discipleship and service in the community.

We also offer you the sheer glory of a building named by the American Institute of Architects as the most significant in the city of Baltimore. Come delight in the grandeur.

We invite your soul to come out to play in the house of the Lord. There's wonder here, and peace, and the answer to your heart's desire. Stop in some weekday morning and make yourself at home. Or, if you want to share in what we do best, come for worship at 11 a.m. on Sunday morning. Come become a part of our proud history and promising future! With anticipation of all you'll discover, we bid you welcome."

Artifacts Collections

Books, prints, paintings, furniture

  • 1852 and 1872 structures
  • furnishings
  • printed ephemera
  • photographs
  • artwork


Access: Students, Scholars

Appointment required: Yes


Wheelchair Accessible