Street Address
1426 School Lane
Lutherville, MD 21093
Mailing Address
1426 School Lane
Lutherville, MD 21093
Ms. Helen Chapman, Curator
John Rose, Public Relations Coordinator


Built in the early 1900's, The Lutherville Colored School#24 was a grade school for "Colored" children until the 1950's. Still standing after 100 years, visitors can experience the mystique of this ol 'country schoolhouse sitting on an acre of land in beautiful Lutherville, MD


Helen and Arthur Chapman out of love, honor and respect for their history and family restored the Lutherville Colored School #24 and made it into a museum of African-American history. Dedicated to specifically, but not limited to, the history of African-Americans in Maryland. The Lutherville historical schoolhouse hosts family events, cultural events, serves as a monument of the rich history of African-Americans in Baltimore County- its listed on the national register of historic places and is the future site of many important community events.

Artifacts Collections

  • books (original to the school)
  • report cards
  • oil lamps
  • antique furnishings
  • oral histories