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889 Butterfly Lane
Frederick, MD
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889 Butterfly Lane
Frederick, MD 21703
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Prospect Hall is a historic mansion, built beginning around 1787 on what was known at the time as "Red Hill", the highest elevation in the area of Frederick, Maryland.

This white, three story structure, designed in a Greek revival style with additional Federal elements, has hosted visitors from Presidents George Washington to Harry Truman. It was originally located on the Jefferson Pike, which led from Jefferson Street southwest out of Frederick to the town of Jefferson, Maryland, but after reconstruction and rerouting of local roads in the 1970s was situated on the adjacent facing Butterfly Lane and Himes Avenue.

The mansion was the site of General George G. Meade's takeover of command of the Army of the Potomac of the Union Army from General Joseph Hooker immediately before the Battle of Gettysburg, under last-minute orders from President Abraham Lincoln. Hooker had been defeated by General Robert E. Lee at the Battle of Chancellorsville, in Virginia, a few weeks earlier.

In 2007, student Aaron Middeke and Academic Dean Marc Minsker produced a 25-minute documentary on the historic location titled "A History of Prospect Hall." A DVD of this documentary is catalogued in the Maryland Room at C. Burr Arts Library in downtown Frederick.