Street Address
11 South Mill Street
Clear Spring, MD 21722
Mailing Address
PO Box 211
Clear Spring, MD 21722
Mr. David Wiles, President


The Clear Spring District Historical Association

A group of volunteers committed to preserving life as it was known by the people living in the Clear Spring area generations ago. This group of volunteers have preserved Plumb Grove, once a dilapidated house, and filled the rooms with period furniture from other local homes, furniture made in Clear Spring, and Maryland made furniture. The Plumb Grove lawn contains 126 heritage roses and heritage flowers, vegetables and herbs, all enjoyed centuries ago by other people. Out buildings include a barn displaying a collection of items used by the people who once worked the land, tended stores, and manufactured items in the Clear Spring community. There is also a summer kitchen and a deluxe outhouse. Located in downtown Clear Spring, the organization has preserved the first post office building in the town. This log structure built in 1823, is located at 106 Cumberland Street. This building was built in the core section of Clear Spring, surrounded long ago by hotels, stores and a clear spring for public use across the street.

This volunteer group also owns the large two-story log home at 11 South Mill Street. This structure built in 1829, operates under the name of Brown’s Meeting House. This is the depository for the organizations collection of Clear Spring Photographs and history books. In addition, rooms display a large collection of French and Indian War books and artifacts, and books and artwork relating to the National Road. Another large room is used for meetings and exhibits. The group does family research, and has files of many of the early residents of the community. They also provide lectures and exhibits of local history throughout the year. Other yearly events include National Pike Day, Plumb Grove In Bloom, Independence Day, Farm Day, and Christmas.