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Dorothy Masterson, Executive Director
W. D. Masterson, Founder and Chairman of the Board
Shelley Goodman, Director and Historian
Bess Mattei, Lecturer


Founded in 1946 by Carmelo Arden Quin, this intellectual art movement encompasses a complex yet entertaining spirit of joie de vivre and innovation through use of geometric forms: circles, stripes, waves, spheres, spirals, lozenges, arcs and meanders. The MADI philosophy is demonstrated through drawings, paintings, sculptures, architecture, theater, music, poetry, dance, novels and stories. See the enclosed overview on MADI art for more detail. The mission of The MADI Museum and Gallery is to delight, inspire, educate and communicate through the collection, preservation, exhibition and interpretation of unique and memorable MADI art from around the world.

Artifacts Collections

Carmelo Arden Quin, Rivera, Uruguay and Paris, France Volf Roitman, Montevideo, Uruguay and Florida, USA Eva Maria Banyasz, Budapest, Hungary Martin Blaszko, Buenos Aires, Argentina Saverio Cecere , Venezuela and Solofra, Avellino, Italy Reale F. Frangi, Milan, Italy Octavio Herrera, Campo Carabobo, Venezuela and Paris, France Mitsuoko Mori, France and Japan Roger Neyrat, Paris, France

Educational Programs

  • MADI Workshops
  • Artist Receptions
  • MADI Concerts
  • Gallery Talks
  • Group Events