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Monday - Saturday9 AM - 5 PM
Adults - $6.00 Adults - $5.00 (55 & Up) Children - $2.00 (6-18) Children - Free (5 & Under)
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Ross Middleton, Director
phone: 806-376-5181
Crystal Phares, Curator of Collections
phone: 806-376-5181
Nichole Dalrymple, Department Secretary
phone: 806-376-5181
Chris Sitz, Senior Director of Development and Advancement Services
phone: 806-376-5032
Dana Railsback, Director of Quarter Horse Outfitters
phone: 806-376-5042


The American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame & Museum's spectacular facility, desigend to showcase the stars of the American Quarter Horse world - those people and horses who have earned their place as a legend. From the moment you approach and pass by the larger-than-life bronzes, you'll know immediately you're about to walk where these legends once did. The American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame is a place where yesterday's memories are today's realities.


To preserves and interprets the history and modern uses of the American Quarter Horse and cultivates future enthusiasts.


Open to the public since 1991, the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame & Museum is housed in a 43,000 square foot building, next door to the headquarters of the American Quarter Horse Association.

Artifacts Collections

1,000 objects (not including archival materials) that deal with equine and western ranching history in the United States, Europe, and South America.

Research Collections

Extensive collection of equine publications and certain other agriculture publications (i.e., Western history). Time period covers colonial (1600's) through present day.

Educational Programs

To book a field trip or for more field trip information please contact Nichole Dalrymple at 806-376-5181 or Arena demonstrations featuring American Quarter Horses in action are scheduled throughout the year, providing visitors with the opportunity to view horses displaying their various talents. Narrative is provided by staff or volunteers who also conduct a question and answer session at the conclusion of each demonstration.


Lecture Halls

Performance Areas


Access: General Public, Students, Scholars, Members

Appointment required: Yes


Monthly article in The Quarter Horse Journal. Other publications include brochures, posters, news releases, gallery guide, and exhibit-specific brochures.


Wheelchair Accessible




Gift Shop

Online Gift Shop

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