Street Address
304 East 44th Street
Austin, TX 78751
Mailing Address
304 East 44th Street
Austin, TX 78751
phone: 512-458-2255
fax: 512-453-0638
Museum Type(s)
Mary Collins Blackmon, Curator
phone: 512-458-2255
Aldo Valdes-Bohm, Administrative Assistant


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The Elisabet Ney Museum was established in 1911 by Elisabet Ney's friends as a memorial to her legacy. These friends also established the Texas Fine Arts Association (TFAA) at the Museum in 1911 to preserve Ney's memory and promote the arts in Texas. From 1911 to 1941, the Elisabet Ney Museum served as one of the major cultural centers in Texas, displaying varied exhibits of works by Southwest artists. In 1941, the TFAA deeded the museum to the City of Austin. Under the city's stewardship, the museum's interpretive focus has been directed to preserving the museum and collection as the former studio and legacy of Elisabet Ney. The Elisabet Ney Museum is a designated national, state and local historic landmark.

Artifacts Collections

Plaster and marble portraits and studies of 19th-century European and Texas notables created by Elisabet Ney, 1852-1907 (approximately 150 pieces), and personal artifacts belonging to Elisabet Ney, 1850-1907 (approximately 400 pieces). Approximately 95% of collection is on permanent loan from University of Texas' Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center.

Research Collections

Letters of Elisabet Ney

Early papers of the Texas Fine Arts Association

Archival collection is available for research.

Educational Programs

Guided tours, docent training, lectures, children's programs, outreach programs into area schools, youth-at-risk programs. An elementary school outreach program including video and lesson plans is available for purchase or loan.


Annual report and annual plan available each October.

Publications on Elisabet Ney include : Art of the Woman, Emily Cutrer, Elisabet Ney, Sculptor, Bride Neill Taylor,The Hermit Philosopher, I. K. Stephens,SURSUM collected letters of Elisabet Ney, Mrs. J. W. Rutland