Street Address
1419 Austin Highway
San Antonio, TX 78209
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1419 Austin Highway
San Antonio, TX 78209
phone: 210-805-0011
fax: 210-822-1226
By request or invitation.
Museum Type(s)
Jack Judson, CEO, Director, Curator, Historian


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p>The Magic Lantern Castle Museum was opened/completed in spring 1992.

Artifacts Collections

The Magic Lantern Castle Museum contains exhibits of many hundreds of items of equipment, glass slides, illustrations, prints, and other items that relate to the history of the magic lantern (lantern slide projector) and scientific optic projection apparatus from the 1700s to 1900s. In addition, there are many hundreds of similar items in storage.

To the author's knowledge, this is the only museum in the world that is solely dedicated to this subject. Collection items have been used worldwide and span approximately 250 years. It is the only extensive resource available on this subject. Sub-collections include early radios, quack medical devices, and other techno-related items.

Research Collections

There is a fairly extensive library of original catalogues, books, prints, illustrations, etc. from the 19th century, plus extensive files of information on the subject of magic lantern equipment and usage from the 1600s to present.

All materials in the museum are available for research for serious researchers with reasonable advance notice.

Educational Programs

Gallery tours, lectures, in-house and out lectures, in-house tours, demonstrations; possibly available for loan/tour; extracts may be usable by other institutions; fees are dependent on material, but generally cost of reproduction, transport, credits, and maybe thanks.