Street Address
301 South Avenue Q
Clifton, TX 76634
Mailing Address
Box 345
Clifton, TX 76634
phone: 245-675-3845
Donations appreciated
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Geroge Larson
phone: 254-675-8898
Ginger Childress, Receptionist
phone: 214-675-3845


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Celebrating forty years in the present location, the museum was a private collection dating its origin to 1920 or before. The Bosque Memorial Museum originated in the second decade of Clifton Junior College (1896-1954) where several items of museum materials were collected and stored.

In 1923, when the Clifton College Administration Building was constructed, a room was included in the basement especially for the Clifton College Museum and the Jacob Olson collection of varied articles of historic interest. Mr. Olson came to Texas from Norway in 1858 when he was four years old and made his home in the Norse community of Bosque County. Being strong, alert, and energetic, his adventurous spirit was coupled with an insatiable desire and thirst for knowledge. He read and studied extensively to be an authority on the local environment, and combed the hills and valleys for hidden treasures. His large collection included arrowheads, coins, firearms, household items, farm equipment, and books on varied subjects. Mr. Olson willed his excellent collection to Clifton College with the understanding it would never leave Bosque County.

Many more contributions were made and the collection began to grow. The museum features a variety of pioneer items. Among them is Cleng Peerson's chair which he made and used in his later years. Peerson, Norwegian trailblazer and colonizer of Bosque County (1782-1865) is buried in the Norse Cemetery.

Clifton College merged with Texas Lutheran College of Seguin in 1954, and the Clifton Lutheran Sunset Home provided the land and a building to display the pioneer museum collection. The Bosque Memorial Museum was organized in 1957 with Mrs. Ole K. (Miss Sadie) Hoel as its first President.

In 1969, at the Hemisfair in San Antonio, the Bosque Memorial Museum furnished a display of historic artifacts and relics which received much favorable comment. A major addition was made to the museum building in 1975, including a complete remodeling of the existing structure. The size was more than doubled to make it one of the largest and most attractive museums in a small town.

Artifacts Collections

From 1850, clothing - 200 items

From 1880, dolls - 185

From 1825, Library - 750 or more books

Indian artifacts, Comanche

Costumes are features dating back to 1850. These are women's dresses which are displayed in rotation. A big rock and mineral collection is displayed. There are Norwegian pioneer artifacts, pump organ, square grand piano, and many dolls. Many interesting books are available for reading on the premises.

Educational Programs

The docent program is active in giving gallery tours and going extra work at the museum. A lecture or playlet is presented in the children's area. This involves the unpacking of an immigrant's trunk upon arrival in Texas by two costumed people. School groups are given this production, but it will be presented during the Christmas tour also.


    The museum has brochures dealing with its permanent collection. The museum also publishes a brochure to accompany a new exhibit each year. The museum has printed books on local history: "Three Months with the Wild Indians," "Norwegian Settlements," "Juana," a cookbook, and "Lady with a Pen".