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The Pioneer Memorial Log House Museum is uniquely situated between the Texas Medical Center and Houston's Hermann Park. By latest count 6.4 million people per year visit the park.

Currently, a new entrance to the zoo is being built directly across from the facility.

The Log House was built over 60 years ago by the San Jacinto Chapter, Daughters of the Republic of Texas. It was first used as a hospitality center for the Texas Centennial.

Many people who have lived in Houston most of their lives are still unaware of the Log House's existence. One of the greatest problems we face is that of public visibility. We need tofind ways to encourage people to come. The membership of the Chapter (the Museum) is more that willing to expand the hours. There is great community support from certain groups who share their crafts with us such as weavers, spinners, embroidery guilds, etc. But we need an audience.

Special exhibits seem to help bring people into the facility.


The Pioneer Memorial Log House was built in the midst of the Great Depression by a determined group of women who decided that Houston needed a hospitality center to host the thousands of visitors who would be coming into the city for the Texas Centennial.

The women decided that as a tribute to their pioneer ancestors, a log house would be the most fitting kind of structure they could build.

Despite the difficult economic times, they raise all of the funds for the structure. Land was donated by the city of Houston, and 250 pine logs came from the property of the president of the sons of the Republic of Texas.

Rather than relinquish their hard-won monies to the city as required by the Public Works Administration, the San Jacinto Chapter hired a contractor and laborers independently. The logs were peeled and saddle notched. The chimney was built with stones taken from historic Texas structures and buildings associated with famous Texans.

Other notable original features include the three-bay front porch, gable roof, exposed rafter ends, and double door primary entrance. Dedicated on March 2, 1936, the 100th anniversary of Texas Independence, the Log House is host to many historic, patriotic, educational and civic groups.

It houses some outstanding pieces of Texas furniture from the era of the Texas republic.

Artifacts Collections

Republic of Texas-era furniture, historic flags (25 full-sized), centennial furniture

Research Collections

Archives are located in closed stakes at the Houston Public Library -- "Texas Room." Accessed by a few Chapter members. The Chapter is trying to inventory, microfilm, and put the records on CD-ROM.

Educational Programs

Programs for school children having to do with different phases of pioneer life. Teacher packets and workshops are available. Lectures offered to the public once a month on Saturday afternoon.

Educational materials are limited to Texas History.


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