Street Address
102 West West Street
Refugio, TX 78377
Mailing Address
120 West West Street
Refugio, TX 78377
phone: 361-526-5555
Museum Type(s)
Maxine H. Reilly, Director
phone: 512-526-5555
Mildred Rowe, Docent
phone: 512-526-5555
Lejune Wallace, Docent
phone: 512-526-5555


This museum is a merger of public (Refugio County) and private (Refugio County Historical Society) entities tworda common goal. The Society collected funds for over 12 years, built a 21 square foot building, furnished it, then donated the sturucture to the county. Collections range from historical documents to early artifacts (including the original bell from the Refugio Mission that was built in 1795), numerous 19th century and early 20th century artifacts. This is the only museum in the county. Our purpose is to exhibit the history and culture of the people of this area. The museum opened its doors June 30, 1983, operating under the charter of the Historical Society. The Society pays for all exhibits and programs. Since our funds are strickly from donations, we are limited in having outside exhibits or any other costly project.

Research Collections

Obituaries and geneological research center

Educational Programs



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