Street Address
202 S. Market
Jefferson, TX 75657
Mailing Address
PO Box 687
Jefferson, TX 75657
phone: 903-665-2775
fax: 903-665-6135
Museum Type(s)
Dr. W. Phil Hewitt, Executive Director
phone: 903-665-1101
Roseanne Bumgarner, Administrative Assistant
phone: 903-665-1101


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The Texas History Museum was created as a private non-profit museum and research facility by Mr. Burke Barr and Mr. John Rowe, both of Dallas. It houses the extensive collections of historic Texas maps beginning with the 1507 Waldenseemueller map and including representative items from the exploration period, Spanish period, Mexican, Texas Republic period. Maps are exhibited in an interpretive fashion. There are also many railroad maps, town plats, etc.--over 500. The museum also houses exhibition of Texas currency and obsolete banknotes--items range from late Mexican script to 20th century national banknotes. Mr. Barr and Mr. Rowe wished to share their extensive collections with the general public. The Museum is housed in the historic Haywood House Hotel in downtown Jefferson, Texas. There is also an exquisite collection of rare and historic books about Texas including an 16th century Ptolemy atlas, other rare atlases, and items useful in historic and genealogical research.

The project began in 1993; the building was restored and exhibition fabrication was completed in late 1997. The museum opened to the public in 1998. The museum is governed by an independent board.

The museum is affiliated with Texas A&M University-Texarkana and the Cypress Valley Alliance and is involved with those institutions and others in developing a virtual fieldtrip network focusing on Texas museums, historic houses and arboreta. An ongoing project to make the library collection available on-line will be complete in fall 2000.

Artifacts Collections

Extensive collection of Texas maps earliest is 1507 Waldenseemueller map, Spanish, French, early Texas Republic maps, railroad maps interpretively exhibited. Large and comprehensive collection of Texas currency, obsolete banknotes. Superb book collection including many rare first editions.available to public for historical and genealogical research.

Research Collections

Excellent Texana collection available for historical research

Educational Programs

Gallery tours, exhibiti9ons, geneological workshops, hospitality tours for groups--tours, lecture, refreshments


Newsletter beginning Feb 2000; Quarterly -- hardcopy and on-line