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1801 Crickets
Lubbock, TX 79401
Mailing Address
1801 Crickets
Lubbock, TX 79401
Tuesday - Saturday10 AM - 5 PM
Sunday1 PM - 5 PM
Adults: $5
Senior Citizens 55+: $3
Students: $2
Children 12 & Under: Free
Brooke Witcher, Managing Director
phone: 806-775-3560
Jacqueline Bober, Curator
phone: 806-775-3560
David Seitz, Gift Shop Manager
phone: 806-775-3560
Lisa Howe, Education Coordinator
phone: 806-775-3560
Vassandra Okoruwa, Marketing & Event Coordinator
phone: 806-775-3560
Sarah Collins, Curatorial Assistant
phone: 806-775-3560
Trish Kendrick, Administrative Assistant
phone: 806-775-3560


The mission of the Buddy Holly Center is to provide world-renowned interactive and dynamic exhibits and programs on Buddy Holly, Texas Music and contemporary visual arts. The Center collects, preserves and presents artifacts, materials, artworks and exhibitions consistent with professional museum standards. Programs are designed to motivate public interest and cultivate an atmosphere where are and music collide- leading toward a creative community. The vision of the Buddy Holly Center is to discover art through music by celebrating legacy, culture and community.


The Buddy Holly Center is housed in the old Fort Worth & Denver Railroad Depot. It provides an anchor for the Depot District in downtown Lubbock. Located near I-27 and 19th Street, the Buddy Holly Center provides a facility that features a wide variety of programs encompassing music, music history, the visual arts and educational outreach initiatives. Visitors are presented with reminders of the railway's legacy and the building's history as a Hub of the Fort Worth & Denver Railroad. In 1999 the Buddy Holly Center opened its doors to the public as a museum and fine art gallery.

Artifacts Collections

The Buddy Holly Gallery itself is shaped like a guitar, defined by a curving, piano-finished cherry wood exhibit cases on three sides and a gloss black display wall on the forth. It features a permanent exhibit on the life and music of Buddy Holly. Follow his life from Lubbock, Texas to his last concert near Clearlake, Iowa. Included in this exhibit are Buddy Holly's Fender Stratocaster, and his famed horn-rimmed glasses.

Educational Programs

The Buddy Holly Center provides a wide variety of educational outreach programs to Lubbock and the surrounding communities. Cultural Conversations focusing on art and music provide an extension for the various exhibits that are displayed at the Center. Teaching resources are available, including traveling trunks and lesson plans.




Access: Staff Only

Appointment required: No


Print programs are mailed for upcoming exhibits and programming. E-newsletters are sent regularly.


Wheelchair Accessible