Street Address
905 Division
Orange, TX 77630
Mailing Address
905 West Division
Orange, TX 77630
phone: 409-886-5385
fax: 409-886-0917
Museum Type(s)
Nancy Peveto, Director
phone: 409-886-5385


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The Jimmy Ochiltree Sims home was built in 1902 and was originally located at 809 Front Street. The house remained in mr. Sims ownership until his death in 1961, when it passed to his four heirs until 1977, when the property was acquired by the City of Orange. The original site of the home was purchased for relocation of major streets and development of the Central Plaza. The house was given by contract to the Heritage House Associatin of Orange County, with the provision the house would be moved and renovated as a historical museum for Orange County. It is now located at 905 Division Street, approximately one block south and west of its original location on property owned by Orange County and leased to the Heritage House Association. Currently the house is being resotred as it was in 1919, when the major modifications were made to the original six-room two-story structure. It abuts the proposed historical preservation district and is adjacent to the Central Plaza on its southern boundary.

The Heritage House will be used as a historic museum for Orange County and will have a special emphasis for teaching the area youth about Orange's past history, culture, and architecture.

Artifacts Collections

Vintage clothing, shipbuilding tools, timber and shingle making tools, and oil field equipment

Research Collections

Historic photos, census reports, marriage records, cemetery records and shipbuilding.

Educational Programs

Truck Shows for 4th & 7th grade history. Gallery tours, historic home tours for 4th grade and past times in October 1900 crafts & games.


mewsletter- quarterly, Orange County Pictoral History book " Picturing Orange" by Howanrd Williams