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909 Frostwood, Suite 104
Houston, TX 77024
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909 Frostwood, Suite 104
Houston, TX 77024
phone: 713-464-1136
fax: 713-464-5372
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Christopher R. Profota
phone: 713-464-5372


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Artifacts Collections

Houses the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Uniforms.
Houses the Army Chiefs of Staff Uniforms.
General Doolittle mini medals.
40 orders and decorations from around the world. Includes 15 Grand Cross from countries like Siam/Thailand,Sweden,Chile,Philippines,Peru,Paraguay,etc.
Uniforms Include:
General Westmoreland, General Palmer, General Wyman, General Wickman, General Lemnitzer, General Taylor, General Powell, General Meyers, General Wickman, General Rodgers, General Brown, General Devers, General Armstrong, General Jones, General Vessey, General Chapman, General O.P. Smith, Admiral Moorer, Admiral Crowe, Admiral Mack, MOH medals Thornton, MOH medals Howard, MOH General Johnson, MOH MG Mabry.
Space items are from the Mercury program to present that I have peronally obtained from my worked with NASA.

Research Collections

4000 books, pictures and other misc research references.

Educational Programs

Depending upon the request, most uniforms and medals are on a requset type basis.
For local requset usually no fee is requested.
For request outside the state the fee will be worked out on a request basis and mutual agreement.


    Access: General Public

    Appointment required: Yes


    Wheelchair Accessible