Street Address
1009 E. 11th Street
Austin, TX 78702
Mailing Address
P.O. Box 16467
Austin, TX 78761
phone: 512-472-8891
fax: 512-471-9600
Rudy Martinez, Vice President


The Texa Music Museum is a non-profit corporation that was founded in 1984 as a Texas Sesquicentennial project to develop support for the establishment of a Texa Museum Museum and performance center in Austin. TMM promotes and preserves Texas music by presenting two or three major exhibits a year in Austin, often with musical performances. The museum conducts research, collects photographs, artifacts, and documents relating to all aspects of Texas music and provides exhibits to other musems, schools, libraries, history centers, and other public facilities throughout the state. The Texas Music Museum is endorsed by all three major state music organizations: the Texas Music Association, the Texas Music Educators Associatin, and the Texas Music Teachers Association.

Artifacts Collections

Collections cover all areas of Texas music and the artists therein comprised. Collections are represented by photographs, recordings, and literature. Approximately 300 Texas musicians are documented.

Research Collections

Collections are available for research

Educational Programs

Besides standard exhibits, TMM offers a wide variety of music symposiums and music programs/ performances.


"Texas Grammy winners";" Native American Influence on Texas Music";"Women in Texas Music"; " Cech and German influences in Texas Music"