Street Address
3800 Parry Avenue
Dallas, TX 75226
Mailing Address
PO Box 150381
Dallas, TX 75315
phone: 214-915-0860
fax: 214-915-0870
Museum Type(s)
Wanda R. Brice, Chief Executive Officer
phone: 214-915-0863
Jesusita Santillan, Executive Assistant
phone: 214-915-0862
Lyn Scott, Finance Manager
phone: 214-915-0879
Fran Lobpries, Development Director
phone: 214-915-0878
Connie Carr, Development Associate
phone: 214-915-0872
Kenzie Causey, Membership Coordinator
phone: 214-915-0884
Denita Powell Malvem, Education/Programs Manager
phone: 214-915-0890
Karen Colberts, Programs/Tour Coordinator
phone: 214-915-0895
Tara Kirk, Registrar & Exhibits Manager
phone: 214-915-0873
Haley Curry, Marketinmg Manager
phone: 214-915-0871
Shana Hamilton, Events Manager
phone: 214-915-0869
Lisa Ream, Volunteer Coordinator
phone: 214-915-0874
Betty Lawson, Visitor/Store Representative
phone: 214-915-0881
Everett Stegall, Facilities Manager
phone: 972-567-8683


The Women's Museum: An Institute for the Future is the first comprehensive American women's hisotry museum was formed by The foundation for Women's Resources and opened to the public on Septmber 29, 2000 in a renovated 1910 building on the grounds of Fair Park in Dallas, Texas. The mission of the Museum is to celebrate the accomplishments of American women and to train young women on the technology of the future.

Artifacts Collections

The Women's Museum: A Institute for the Future is not a collecting institution. The majority of the artifacts on exhibitoihn are on loan from individuals and other institutions. However, a limited number of artifacts which fulfill the mission of The Women's Museum; An Institute for the Future to focus on the accomplishments and/or history and/or potential of American women and girls; issues that have effedtd or effect the lives of American women and girls, the portrayal of American women and girls and/or issue discussed in the permanent exhibits of the comprehensive American women's history museum have been collected. These include paper, books, buttons, posters, garments and personal artifacts related to wormen's history.

Educational Programs

The Women's Museum: An Institute for the Future has a two-pronged educational mission. The mission of the Ronya Kozmetsky Institute for the Future focuses on the educatin of middle school students to adults. It offers hands-on computer-based activities in a fun and interesting environment; explores diverse technologically connected resources from around the world via the Internet and other modalities. The fast-paced specialized curricula seeks to educate participants in the areas of math, science and computer technology. Additionally educational materials and programs are available for teens and adults on the accomplishments of American women and the issues surrounding them.


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