Street Address
Buffalo Gap, TX 79508
Mailing Address
Box 818
Buffalo Gap, TX 79508
phone: 915-572-5212
fax: 915-793-3866
Dr. Donald Frazier, Executive Director
phone: 915-793-3861
Dr. Robert Pace, Director of Educational Programs
phone: 915-793-3865
Dr. David Coffey, Managing Editor, McWhiney Foundation Press
phone: 915-793-4862
Dr. Mary Lee Bartlett, Archaeologist & Curator of Collections
phone: 915-793-4699


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Founded in 1996, the Grady McWhiney Research Foundation is a non-profit foundation dedicated to the study of the Middle Period of United States history with special emphasis on Civil War, Southern, and military history.

The Grady McWhiney Research Foundation has many different facets. In 1997 we purchased the "Civil War Campaigns and Commanders" series from Ryan Place Publishers and started the McWhiney Foundation Press. We have since completed a consortium agreetment with Texas A&M University Press, which handles our warehousing and marketing. Including the Ryan Place books, we now have more than twenty titles published under our name.

We have also hosted two significant symposia since our founding. The "Fort Phantom Hill Conference" helped the owners of a local landmark focus their efforts to preserve a nineteenth century U.S. Army post. The "Future of Confederate History Workshop" took on critical issues of our nation's past that continue to shape its future. In additin, we have hosted a teacher workshop in conjunction with the Region XIV E.S.C.

In the fall of 1999, the McWhiney Foundation acquired the Buffalo Gap Historic Village. This collection of important buildings is a local landmark featuring a museum with artifacts dating from paleolithic times to the early twentieth century. We have recently finished cataloging this extensive collection and are looking forward to utilizing the artifacts for various educatinal purposes.

In addition to these events and endeavors, The McWhiney Foundation supports ongoing programs. We continue to honor scholarship by awarding the Jerry Coffey Memorial Book Prize every year to the best book on nineteeth century military history. We promote mentoring through the McWhiney Scholars Program, honoring students chosen for their interest in history, their character, and initiative. We feel that all these efforts promote what The Grady McWhiney Research Foundation stands for --excellance in history education.

Artifacts Collections

21 building historic village; western art, watercolors, bornzes, historic objects dating tot he settlement of Taylor county, firearms colleciton; barbed wire collection; wheeled toys; library and archives; prehistoric and historic Native American artifacts.

Educational Programs

Teacher workshops; Video Tour; Lectures; Exhibits' and Educators Guide and Lesson Plans


McWhiney Foundation Press-- publishes 4-5 books per year related to local history, to the civil war and general military history.